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evitavee-Luonut: evitaveeMaanantai 02.08.2010 00:05

'elloo, i am Lindsay Lohaaaaaaaaaaaaan!'


DragonDreamer*reps*Luonut: DragonDreamerPerjantai 10.07.2009 19:58

Päivän naurut.. Ahmed The Dead Terrorist

LaukkaneAaaa mikä biisi ^^Luonut: LaukkaneTiistai 24.02.2009 17:09

irisnoirSilence, I kill you!Luonut: irisnoirTiistai 04.11.2008 00:52

"Goddammit. Oh, I mean Allah-dammit!"

"But you're all bone!"
"Is a flesh wound."

"Wait, if I'm dead, that means I get my 72 virgins! Are you my
virgins? I hope not!"
"There's a bunch of ugly ass guys out here. If this is paradise
I've been screwed!"

"Look, if you've been in my suitcase all this time, how have you
been getting through security at the airports?"
"Oh that's easy! They open the case and I go: Helloooo, I am
Lindsay Lohan! Hahaha, I told another joke. I can do this crap too.
Okay, here's another one: Two jews walk in a bar… "
"No, no, no."
"What? What you don't let jews in your bar? You racist bastard!"

"Stop doing this. You can't tell jokes like that."
"Why not, I'm killing, so to speak."
"You can't tell jokes like that, it offenses people."
"Oh… I'm dead, what do I care? What do you want me to do? Knock-
knock jokes?"
"It would probably better."
"Okay. Knock knock."
"Who's there?"
"Me, I kill you."

"So you like being in D.C.?"
"I think some idiots must live here."
"For example, the Washington Monument."
"It looks nothing like the guy… It looks more like a tribute to
Bill Clinton."

kti][Ei aihetta]Luonut: kti]Tiistai 30.09.2008 23:55

God damned! Oo..ou I mean Allah damned!
Hellooooo i´am Lindsey Lohan!!


AstritAchmed -The dead terrorist.Luonut: AstritLauantai 12.07.2008 18:26

Jeff: So I guess you're a muslim?
Achmed: I don't think so.
Jeff: You're not muslim?
Achmed: Noo.
Jeff: Why?
Achmed: Look at my ass, it sais "Made in China".
*laughs, laughs & laughs*
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