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Nobody who wasn’t down there will ever really understand. Not even those who shook our hands when we left. Not even those who welcomed us back with mighty hugs and no conception whatsoever what it was like to sit there watching the life bleed out of a man whose throat you’d cut so you could go on, undetected, to murder some other poor boy whose bad luck had placed him in your path at the wrongest time possible in the entire history of the human species. So that someday, somewhere far away, some woman would cry because she no longer had a son.

Glen Cook - Angy Lead Skies

QuatermassSoldiers liveLuonut: QuatermassPerjantai 03.02.2012 00:26

Luin toistaiseksi viimeisen Black Companyn loppuun yöllä. Ei voinut lopettaa kun oli enää ihan vähän jäljellä, paitsi että jotenkin se pieni nippu sivuja kesti vielä pari tuntia ja kertoi tarinaa vielä tosi pitkälle ja yllätti useasti vaikka luulin kaiken olevan ohi. Voi vittu mitä tunteiden vuoristorataa tuo kirjasarja on aiheuttanut, vaikka kertookin enimmäkseen rumista ja ilkeistä miehistä jotka eivät näytä tunteitaan. Minä itkin ja nauroin sitten heidänkin puolestaan.

Vaan upea matka se oli. Piti otteessaan loppuun saakka, enkä missään vaiheessa arvannut mitä seuraavaksi tapahtuu tai joutunut pettymään hahmojen idioottimaisuuteen.(=yleisimpiä ongelmia useimmissa fantasiakirjoissa.)

(© De-Prime)

"You feel guilty. You wonder why him and not me, then you're glad it was him and not you, then you feel guilty. Soldiers live. And wonder why." - Croaker.
"We're still the Black Company. We still don't leave our own behind." Which was never strictly true but you do have to serve an ideal the best you can, lest it become debased. A law as ancient as coinage itself says bad money will drive out good. The same is true of principles, ethics and rules of conduct. If you always do the easier thing, then you cannot possibly remain steadfast when it becomes necessary to take a difficult stand.
You must do what you know to be right. And you do know. Ninetynine times out of a hundred you do know and you are just making excuses because the right thing is so hard, or just so inconvenient.

Glen Cook: Water Sleeps (The Many Deaths of the Black Company)

QuatermassPäivän lainausLuonut: QuatermassSunnuntai 04.12.2011 01:17

"What do you want, Blade? Why are you doing this?"
He shrugged, an uncharacteristic action. "There are many evils in the world. I guess I've chosen one for my personal crusade."
"Why such hatred for priests?"
He didn't shrug. He didn't give me a straight answer, either. "If each man picks an evil and attacks it relentlessly, how long can evil persist?"
That was an easy one. Forever. More evil gets done in the name of righteousness than any other way. Few villains think they are villains.

Glen Cook - Dreams of Steel (Tales of the Black Company)
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