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Oh, it's funny 'cuz it's true.. ;)

1. You've become strangely obsessed with wolves-in fact, you may even have a wolf-themed wallpaper on your desktop.

2. You could draw their logo with your eyes closed and you've considered tatooing the AA symbol somewhere on your body.

3. Your mom loves Last Drop Falls, your non-metal friends love Shy and even your much older/younger brother loves Full Moon!

4. You could pinpoint Kemi on the world map in 4 A.M.

5. You've replaced "Shut Up!" with "Don't say a word!"

6. You quote their Men Of The North documentary in innapropriate moments of your life. (What did you do in there?? WHAT DID YOU DO IN THERE???)

7. If you're female (or male, why not) you've developed a crush on multiple members of the band.

8. You have the ability to see Marko.

9. You have a folder on your computer with a lot of their pics and Sonata fanart.

10. Because of Caleb, you think stalking is cool.

11. As absurd as it sounds, you'd give your right arm for the ability to play the opening riff to 8th Commandment properly (even if you're not a guitarist)

12. You still think of Jani as a member of Sonata Arctica and you hope for him to come back to the band someday so he could play killer duelling solos with Elias

13. You can hum the keyboard intro to The Cage and get all the notes right. That goes for a lot of their solos as well.

14. You say "Henkka/Elias/Jani is a fuckin' beast!" on daily basis.

15. You've started to wear the colour gray in 2009.

16. Speaking of which, you find it ridiculous when someone mentions the phrase 'fade to black'; don't they know that colours last a lifetime and fade to gray?

17. At least one of their songs made you cry.

18. You refer to the members and ex-members by their first name because everyone in your inner circle knows who Tony, Tommy, Marko, Elias, Henkka, Jani and Mikko are.

19. Because of Tony, you now consider wearing a red plaid shirt and radioactive-green pants to school/work.

20. You still have that one inch of hope that someday they'll film a very high-budget video so you could show it to your friends.

21. You got Unia three months before the official release (This reason is not to promote piracy in any way, so, Nuclear Blast guys, don't report my group :D)

22. Every time someone mentions the word silence, you have a content smile on your face.

23. Flag In The Ground is your feel-good tune.

24. You listen to Northern Kings, Elias' solo stuff, Cain's Offering and Altaria as well. (Yep, I know they have a lot of other side bands, thank you)

25. You try to convince everyone that melodic metal is a legitimate metal genre.

26. You know that Dana is not a real person.

27. You've argued with people about the song meaning of Broken. (Don't argue it on this wall, and same goes to the Caleb saga!)

28. You know what "Häkki perkele" means.

29. You've heard most of their demo stuff, and every guest appearance made by Tony Kakko.

30. When TDoG came out, you looked up Johanna Kurkela.

31. You love hunting down Tony's weird little live pieces on youtube. (They're Coming To Take Me Away, anyone?)

32. You want to make a movie out of White pearl, Black Oceans.

33. Their shirts are a gem in your metal collection.

34. You stubbornly refer to the weather in early March as 'takatalvi'.

35. When you wake up early you feel like 'another misspelled rhyme written in the book of time'.

36. You adore Nick Van Eckmann.

37. Vodka, we need some vodka....

38. You get goosebumps EVERY time you hear The Last Amazing Grays.

39. You read their interviews when you have a boring afternoon.

40. You wish their epic tracks (e.g. Deathaura, The Power Of One) could last a little longer.

41. You have the cover art of Unia drawn somewhere in your notebooks.

42. When a fellow fan is depressed, you try to cheer them up with:"Oh, why are we so sad? Are we feeling hurt by their evil eyes?"

43. You become interested in every topic Tony writes about.

44. You have a list of songs you would want them to cover, genres from sugarpop to death metal.

45. You think the keyboard parts of Gravenimage are the sound equivalent of falling snow.

46. You quote their lyrics in your school essays.

47. Even if you're an atheist, you refer to Tony's voice as a gift from god.

48. If you're an artist, you've painted an SA-inspired painting or written an SA-inspired story.

49. You've restrained yourslef from buying puppets. In fact you are "careful of what you wish for, for wishes might come alive."

50. You actually think that Da Best Song Ever IS the best song ever.

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