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Anssi and Myself:
There are people who are white coloured and they want to cosplay & crossplay a black character and that's bad ? People lose shit when they cosplay like that but when a Black skin coloured people cosplay or crossplay a white character, then it's fine for people. That's Racist ! Cosplay & Crossplay is for anyone and fuck skin colors, only matters that people recognize the character if someone's know the character and the person who cosplay or crossplay the character is very pleased to his or her outfit. Everybody has their opinions, everyone is allowed to have their own opinions but I would say to this that the person is a totally afraid of that someones can do that but yes, it's jealousy too in this case. Oh, well, yes, it could just be racism. So, Please, just shut up racist trolls or well, just be like that, I don't give a fuck. :)

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11th of January. ~

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Oli kiva olla nuorten pajojen joulumyyjaisissa uudestaan. ^^
Oli kiva moikata entisia paja ohjaajia ja parisen tuttavaa siella. :)

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