Surrounded but alone

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Letter to my angelPerjantai 11.01.2008 05:01

As I finally close my eyes
from the world so cold
You are still there in my dreams..

Too much they have done
to tear poet's heart apart
Too much they have said
to wash away songwriter's hope

Angel, there's no soul worth of your tears
not even mine filled with escapistic fears
Angel, you're made to fly out of my sight
but if you want.. please, bring me back to life

You're my light at the end of the tunnel
You're my guiding light away from this world
Away, away from this world

"In this war against humanity
no one hasn't gained freedom
Only fourthousand abducted soldiers
are falling again and again"

Now I seal this letter in red
with my heart's last drop
How I feel for you..?
Answer is the last note

Find it and hid it deep
It's what you've seeked

..joskus omistan elämänikin sinulle

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