All is fair in love and war, so they tell me..

>>SOMEBODY THAT I USED TO KNOWPerjantai 30.03.2012 16:39

Now and then I think of when we were together..
Like when you said you felt so happy you could die..
Told myself that you were right for me,
but I felt so lonely in your company..
But that was love and it's an ache I still remember..

>>IT'S NOT THAT EASYPerjantai 30.03.2012 15:52

Mä voin suunnitella mun koko elämän,
vaimon ja viran ja talonkin..
Mut kaikki menee toisin,
joku suunnittelee mua paremmin..

>>NINE IN THE AFTERNOONPerjantai 30.03.2012 15:15

Back to the street where we began..
Feeling as good as lovers can, you know..


It looks like the end of history as we know..
It's just the end of the world..

Back to the street where we began..
Feeling as good as love...

>>FUCKED UPLauantai 24.03.2012 14:16

I fought it for a long time now..
While drowning in a river of denial--
I washed up, fixed up, picked up
all my broken things..

>>HALLELUJAHPerjantai 23.03.2012 16:12

Somehow everything's gonna fall,
right into place..
If we only had a way,
to make it all fall faster everyday..

>>I TOLD YOUKeskiviikko 14.03.2012 01:02

It's emotional and I told you so,
But you had to know so I told you.
Please don't look right through me,
Hurts my heart when you do that to me.

>>JUST CHILLIN'Torstai 23.02.2012 15:07

täällä lellalla vaan hengaillaan ft. katsu, saga, mirelle ja lella

>>HAPPY B-DAY HONEYPerjantai 17.02.2012 12:01

happy birthday my lover!
what the hell 40 years allready, but you r still amazing!


>>WHEN I WOKE UP I WAS ALL ALONETiistai 14.02.2012 23:47

I ask you, friend, what's a fella to do,
'cause her hair was red and her eyes were grey..

>>I WANT YOU..Sunnuntai 12.02.2012 19:08

If I can't have you then I don't want anyone..
If I can't have you then all the damage has been done..
You can break these rules if you wanna have some fun..
Think of all the love that you will lose if I can't have you..