roadtrippin through the desert to get to nowhere

[Ei aihetta]Lauantai 28.08.2010 23:26

Every time you walk in the room
Love goes Boom!
Love goes boom
And I don't know what to do
I swear I'm exploding
Every time I look at you
If only you were here, if only I could see your eyes,if only I were with you, if I only I could kiss you, if only I had just one night to make this right. Oh I would turn this thing around. I'm sad and lonely, drunk, and tired of beating myself to a pulp, and I'm not giving up.
You're a bitch
But I love you anyway
You're a bitch
Hey hey
Hey hey
You make me sick
But don't ever go away
I’m a circle incomplete
I’m a heart that barely beats
All the memories stay forever like tattoos
I’m a star without the sky
I’m hello with no goodbye
I’m the dreams we had that never will come true
That’s me with no you
thinkin' about you everytime i hear anything from BfS

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