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"Say you love me more than you did befor

And I'm sorry that it's this way

But I'm coming home I'll be coming home

And if you ask me I will stay, I will stay

I'll always stay"

Nick's heart started melting as he listened to the lyrics of Miley's new song called 'Stay'. It was amazing how beautifully that girl sang, and even more amazing were the songs she wrote. When Nick had first heard that Miley had a song called 'Stay' he was so sure that it was answer to his song also called 'Stay'.

Now listening the song he was so happy, his heart jumping up and down.

Then, after almost 2 minutes of happiness he realized that the song might not be about him. Miley had her chance with Nick last spring but she'd chosen to be with Will.

"Of course the song's about Will..." Nick said out loud and shut down his computer.

"What's that you said?" Big Rob asked and took his headphones off.

"Nothing, just listened Miley's new song." Nick said quickly trying to avoid having that conversation with Rob. He didn't want to feel crappy again and talking about Miley would just make it worse.

"Nick, dude, look I'm sorry for you, but c'mon you got to get over this. You had your chance with Miley, twice actually. But it just doesn't work out with you two..." Rob said with an apologizing look.

"Yeah, I've heard it all before. And I know it's been over a year since we last were together and I already had moved on but then she had to say that stuff about 'Full Circle' in Rio. Suddenly she's all over the place and everywhere I go I hear people talk about her. It's like she sucked me right back in this love triangle." Nick snapped to Rob.

"Well, I don't think they count it as a love triangle when there's two people totally in love with each other and one loser who just can't get over this one girl. Seriously Nick, I've never really understood what you see in her. I mean Selena's awesome girl and so was Nicole and still you somehow were able to push them away from you." Big Rob was trying to understand what was going on in Nick's head.

"Honestly? I have no idea. She just makes me feel like no one else. I think it's the fact that she always has something new to show and tell.
Like after last year's pole dancing on TCA's; who could have guessed that she could pull out something like her music video for Can't be tamed. And with Miley there's always a challenge. Selena and Nicole were so easy. I need something more tortured and more epic. With Miley we're meant to be and I know it. It just hasn't been our time yet."

Rob shook his head and felt sorry for Nick. He was such a sucker for love stories and romance. When would he understand that Miley wanted totally different things. Miley wanted a bad boy, or older boy, or someone who would shock everyone else. Everyone else understood it, but Nick just didn't seem to have a clue.

"Well we just have to wait and see, but in the meantime could you please just, like, concentrate on your career and on the fact that we are in London, dude. Who knows, maybe you'll find some young British girl and you fall in love with her." Rob said while getting up from the sofa and walking to the door. He continued "I'll see ya in the morning, try to get some sleep and think about something else. Good night Nick."

"Good night Rob..." Nick muttered and opened his laptop and immediately heard Miley's voice coming out of the speakers. He listened as the song ended and then did what he always did when he was in this mood. He started listening to Miley's song "7 things" so that he would get reminded how jealous Miley had been the first time they were together and how badly he sometimes had treated her. Somehow listening to that song brought him back to the place where he knew that loving

Miley was just bad for him, but it didn't change anything. Nick still missed her and he still wasn't quite ready to let go.

As he went to bed he opened his phone and sent a text "Miss you babe, wish I could be with you tonight". Then he went on dreaming about his loved one;

Miley was in his dreams the whole night.

A/N: Hah, Eli postaan nyt mun ficin tännekkin, toivoen että joku lukisi ja antaisi palautetta :) sori virheistä, oon yrittänyt oikolukea, mutta se ei aina ole niin helppoa. :) <3 Ja kopioin tän suoraan fanfictionista, joten nimet on vähän vaihdeltuja, eli Will tarkoittaa siis luonnollisesti Liamia. Ja sillain, bare with me.
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