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Day 8: Picture Of The Last Place You Visited
Day 9: A Photo I Took
Day 10: A Silly Photo Of Me
Day 11: Name Of Your Elementary School
Day 12: A Photo Of Me Taken Recently
Day 13: A List of All The Places You’ve Lived
Day 14: Your Day, In Great Detail
Day 15: Favorite American Idol Winner
Day 16: Your Best Friend
Day 17: A Hobby Of Yours
Day 18: A Place You’ve Never Visited But Want To
Day 19: The First Wedding/Funeral You’ve Been To
Day 20: Someone Who Shares The Same Birthday As You
Day 21: A Place You See Yourself In 5 Years
Day 22: Favorite Website
Day 23: Favorite Boy Name
Day 24: Favorite Athlete From Your Favorite Sport
Day 25: Guilty Food Pleasure
Day 26: Favorite Form Of Exercise
Day 27: Favorite Television Program
Day 28: A Picture Of What You Wore Today
Day 29: Something that inspires you.
Day 30: A Song I Wish I Knew The Words To

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