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  • nelliq

    nelliq<3 if loving u is wrong, than i don't want to be right
    can't imagine what this life would be, without u by my side
    the day we met, i cant explain the way that i felt
    feeling all these emotions that i cant even help 1

  • <3

  • <3 you're the first thing i think of when the sun shines bright
    and the last thing i think of when i sleep at night
    u and me princess what a perfect team
    and i won't hesitate to call u the girl of my dream 1

  • <3

  • <3



  • <3 cause when i need you, you're just a phone call away
    and your beautiful smile washes all my worries away
    when i'm not with u i miss you, oh so much
    and how much u soothe my soul with a simple touch 1

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