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"Draco," he said slowly, gaze sliding off to the side as a slight blush suffused his cheeks. "Do…do you think that…maybe…" Draco's brow furrowed while Harry steeled himself and turned back to Draco, giving him an intense, burning look that made Draco shiver as sudden warmth filled his chest. "Do you think that one day you might actually…love me?"

The question took Draco by surprise, so much that his mind went blank and was instead filled with a soft buzzing. His eyes widened, his face felt so hot he was sure it was bright red, but he couldn't think enough to form an answer. Nothing came to mind, he could barely comprehend what Harry had just asked him, but words were coming to his mouth and it was nothing he had thought about saying. They instead seemed to be coming from somewhere deeper inside him, but he could feel that they were true, and before anything else could happen, his mouth opened and his answer tumbled out.

"Harry, I think I already do."

And then the words were out in the open, hanging between them, and Draco felt inexplicably mortified. Harry was staring at him in disbelief, or incomprehension, except he was starting to smile. And now he was beaming, and he might have been trying to say something but Draco's ears were filled with nothing but a deafening roar and he couldn't get beyond anything but the fact that he had just told Harry that he loved him and-


Draco's head snapped up from where he'd apparently buried it against Harry's neck without even realizing that he had, and he looked fearfully at Harry.

"Draco, it's ok. Look, I-" Laughter bubbling forth from his throat interrupted him, and Draco would have thought Harry was laughing at him except he hadn't seen the boy look this happy in…well…actually, Draco didn't think he'd ever seen Harry look this happy. "Draco, I love you too!"

And just like that, Draco's embarrassment disappeared and the roaring in his ears faded and the world seemed to right itself again, so that all that mattered was him and Harry and this moment and-

"You do?" Draco asked faintly, hands curling into the material of Harry's shirt and gripping tight. Harry nodded quickly, still laughing. Draco laughed once too, except it almost sounded more like a sob, and then he and Harry were kissing again, kissing like they were about to be torn apart and this was the last minute they would have together and they were desperate for each other and trying to fully use each second that slipped by to their best advantage.

"I love you," Draco said when they separated, the words feeling foreign on his tongue but sounding absolutely right. Harry smiled, and then kissed him again.

............sulin. ♥

ja miten hitossa tää loppu jo ? Nyt on jotenki tyhjä olo tai sillai. Speechless.

Paras. Ficci. Ikinä. Pakko saada tulostettuu jossain vaiheessa.

Ja nyt vois mennä kattoo Feeniksin kiltaa ja sit myöhemmin lukee lisää hoodeeta :3

btw lol Greyn anatomias oli joku tyttö jolla oli Bieber-fever ja yh my eaaaars ku se soitti sen iphonest täysil Bieberii asd.

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