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jauKeskiviikko 03.12.2008 19:29

nyt miniläppäri toimii :)

ghkMaanantai 01.12.2008 19:16

Kalle kustaa korkki
muniansa sorkki, munat meni rikki
Kalle kustaa itki
äiti osti uudet, mutta liian suuret
sisko antoi omat mutta liian somat.

sivistyksessäni oli suuuuuuri aukko.

agSunnuntai 30.11.2008 22:36

vittu ku raskas reissu eile :o
turkuun ja takas samana päivänä :D
haettii dexter ja sitte mentii turkuu tonylla käymään :)
huomen on jo joulukuu :O

QMaanantai 24.11.2008 21:00

I've always been the kind of girl
That hid my face
So afraid to tell the world
What I've got to say

^Sunnuntai 23.11.2008 18:14

Do you know what it's like
To feel so in the dark
To dream about a life
Where you're the shining star
Even though it seems
Like it's too far away
I have to believe in myself
It's the only way

dföhLauantai 22.11.2008 16:16

voiha vittu :(
läppäri sekos ja ei käynnisty enää.

siiis xldjfhpoy45äer81ktu4oi10l,

When you look me in the eyes ~*Torstai 20.11.2008 21:00

If the heart is always searching,
Can you ever find a home?
I've been looking for that someone,
I'll never make it on my own.
Dreams can't take the place of loving you,
There's gotta be a million reasons why it's true

When you look me in the eyes,
And tell me that you love me.
Everything's alright,
When you're right here by my side.
When you look me in the eyes,
I catch a glimpse of heaven.
I find my paradise,
When you look me in the eyes.

How long will I be waiting,
To be with you again,
Gonna tell you that I love you,
In the best way that I can.
I can't take a day without you here,
You're the light that makes my darkness disappear.

More and more, I start to realize
I can reach my tomorrow
I can hold my head up high
And it's all because you're by my side

When you look me in the eyes,
And tell me that you love me.
Everything's alright,
When you're right here by my side.
When I hold you in my arms
I know that it's forever
I just gotta let you know
I never wanna let you go

öKeskiviikko 19.11.2008 20:00

Hieman oli lol olla hiusmalli ;P

K<3Maanantai 17.11.2008 17:26

Paul - It's a four letter name for a gentlemen. But if you go to a mere dictionary, it means something. From Roman it means 'humble', but to others the word means 'handsome'. But to most of us, he's Kevin. But when you stand in the crowd of one of our concerts, who is everyone screaming for? Nick and me? But what about the other one? The other one being Kevin... Who plays his heart out, and breaks a sweat to bring that amazing guitar skill to the stage? The one who never gives up. Oh, am I talking about Nick! No!!! Nick does play, but who does it for 2 hours straight only stopping for a intermission between the songs? From 2005 to now, there's been one guy who stands on stage, in the back, on the left. Oh you mean Garbo! No, not at all, not even Garbo himself can take his place. It's Kevin. Paul Kevin Jonas II, the hazel eyed, brown curly haired guy, who is famous for his love for guitar and the band. Oh and don't forget.. MY BROTHER! Do you remember him now? Everyone sees him, but no one knows him. Going to city to city, who is your favorite? When you say "I support the Jonas Brothers", does that include the oldest? The 21 year old, hasn't had it easy. "Oh he's gay! Why do you like him? Joe is so sexy! Nick is so hot!" What does that say to me? True fan right? Not at all. He has something so real. What was the last thing I have seen about Kevin? He's SO hot? He's SO ugly! His chest hair needs to be shaved! His sideburns are really tacky! What does that make you think of that person? Why bring him down? I'm not the only one who has fallen on stage. Kevin has too. Yes that's hard to believe as he has much better balance then me. Just think about spinning, while playing guitar, and trying to master the spin in front of millions.Can you do that? Sure, he is the oldest, okay so, he rarely sings loud in a song, but his heart is pure gold. What makes him different? He's Paul Kevin Jonas II. Stop the hate. If you were teased because of your looks would you hate it? He's pushed and shoved in interviews, as the older brother.Step into Kevin's shoes for a minute.
Waking up at 4 a.m to head to a brand new city on the tour.
Walking out of the tour bus, with thousands and thousands of fans standing there.
But Kevin just smiles, and waves.
He's being ignored.
Well maybe it won't be bad.
He gets dressed in his dressing room.
Hears thousands of screaming girls.
Steps up on the stage, and smiles.
Begins the introduction of a song.
Then the lights hit them, and then hits the audience
What does he see?
Nick and Joe signs.
How would you feel?
He does a lot.
He's dragged down, but what does he do?
Quit being a Jonas brother? NO!

So, stop the hate of my favorite Jonas brothers.. He does a lot. He tries his best. That is all he can do right? Without him the JB wouldn't be right... He's the cheese in our macaroni. Support him.. Leave a comment please. Kevin isn't a bad guy. He's not gay. He has amazing good looks! I wish I was that good looking. I can't even hold a candle to him. Thanks bro. You are the best, to put up with some of this hate and still smile. Kev, you rock. Never give up and soon this hate will stop. Thanks bro for being my role model. So keep rocking that guitar of yours and show these people how amazing you are!

(started by:joejonas)

PHAAHSunnuntai 16.11.2008 18:06

ei oo varmaa ollu tylsempää viikonloppua :D