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Shark Apex UplightTorstai 21.10.2021 11:25

Shark Apex Uplight Lz602 Vs. Dyson V11 Animal Which One Will You Choose?

Shark and Dyson are two of the biggest vacuum cleaner manufacturers globally, with many models welcomed by a wide range of users. They have introduced new lightweight vacuum generations in recent years but are still powerful with the latest technology. This post will demonstrate a comparison between two such devices: RV57UGl.jpg Shark apex uplight duoclean LZ602 and Dyson V11 Animal.


In general, these two vacuums have a similar design. They both look like stick vacuums with a canister mounted right below the handle but sturdier like a traditional upright vacuum. However, compared to Shark Apex Uplight LZ602, Dyson V11 Animal is much lighter because it is a cordless device (7.72lbs vs. 11.24lbs). Besides, other dimensions of these two vacuums are nearly the same.

Both devices are easy to store in the corner of the house. The Shark Uplight vacuum has self-standing wheels at the back of the cleaning head to let it stand on its own and avoid falling, while the Dyson vacuum has a wall rack for neat storage.



As mentioned, Dyson V11 Animal is a cordless vacuum, which means it runs on a battery instead of direct power. This device can run continuously for up to 76 minutes and need about 4 hours for a full charge. On the other hand, Shark Apex Uplight vacuum LZ602 comes with a 30-feet power cord and a 4-feet cleaning nozzle that help it cover a wide range without changing the plugging position.

Both devices are equipped with a swivel steering that helps them easily maneuver and even go under furniture. They also have a button on the body to turn off the brush roll, but only the Dyson vacuum allows users to adjust suction power for different tasks. On the other hand, LZ602 has LED headlights that illuminate dark areas while V11 Animal doesn’t.

The Dyson cleaning head has only one brush roll, while the Shark one has a couple. In addition, the Shark brushes can untangle wrapped pet hair to avoid stagnation.

These vacuums use much different filtration systems compared to each other. For example, the Shark apex uplight VaCueto.jpg comes with a HEPA filter and two other foam filters located on both sides of the motor. Meanwhile, the Dyson filter looks like a cylinder mounted in a fixed position inside the machine.

Both models can be transformed into handheld vacuums for portable cleaning. For LZ602, you have to detach the canister and the cleaning hose, while with V11 Animal, you need to remove the whole body part below the dust cup and attach an extension cleaning tool.



In general, Dyson V11 Animal comes with more accessories than Shark Apex Uplight duoclean LZ602. Besides several tools in common, including a turbo brush, a crevice tool, a hard bristle brush, and an extension wand, the Dyson vacuum has an upholstery tool and a soft bristle brush. Moreover, its brush roll is removable.


Despite being lightweight models, these vacuums are no less powerful and effective compared to traditional devices. They can deal well with different surfaces, stairs, car furniture, and pet hair. It is hard to say which is better as they produce nearly the same cleaning result.

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In conclusion, either Shark Apex duoclean vacuum LZ602 or Dyson V11 Animal is ideal for your house. You may just need to consider their designs to pick up your favorite one.
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