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advelisa939Luonut: advelisaKeskiviikko 20.11.2013 13:02

one shot everything rides on tonight
even if i've got three strikes imma go for it
this moment , we own it


Jori^^95:)Luonut: Jori^^95Tiistai 26.03.2013 02:26


SvampWiz KhalifaLuonut: SvampLauantai 14.07.2012 03:14

There are three things I want in a relationship
Eyes that won't cry
Lips that won't lie
And love that won't die

mmaijauwiz o hieno mies (:Luonut: mmaijauTorstai 15.03.2012 00:35

sometimes we waste too much time
thinking about someone
, who doesn't even think about us for a second.
-Wiz Khalifa


GAYFOXWiz khalifa <3Luonut: GAYFOXTiistai 13.03.2012 00:44

neaC-ääääääääää'Luonut: neaC-Torstai 11.08.2011 00:47

enää KAKS päiväää! sekooon !

psychokillerI fly soloLuonut: psychokillerLauantai 28.05.2011 16:51

I had a dream that the whole World was staring at me
I woke up and wasn't no one there, yeah eh eaah
Same song to a different beat
Cause sometimes I feels like I'm the only one there
I guess nobody cares, hey
But everything's good until it goes bad
And your gonna tell all the people about the fun you used to have
It hurts when it don't last
No easy way saying bye
So I'm a spread my wings and head for the sky
And I fly solo
I fly solo
And I fly solo
And I fly solo

tiiinamoi-¤Luonut: tiiinamoi-Torstai 31.03.2011 01:04

VIVIAAAA$Luonut: VIVIAAAAMaanantai 17.01.2011 20:35

yeah, uh huh, you know what it is
everything I do, I do it big
yeah, uh huh, screamin' that's nothin'
what I pulled off the lot, that's stuntin'
reppin' my town when you see me you know everything
black and yellow
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