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Rauschenmaschine: [-R-] is Helsinki based systematic media art project by Kristian Kouvo from Helsinki, Finland. Started 2004.

[-R-] creates arts in many forms such as electronic music, graphics and animations. The message in the Rauschenmaschine arts are mostly implicit and subliminal related to science, philosophy, culture and sociology, which all in their own part have the power to affect our way of life and the future. Agenda of the [-R-] is to influence the people to think and construe views of life in unique, independent and creative ways.

[-R-] music style is cyberpunk electronica; energetic, pyroelectric, moody, experimental and industrial having many influences and elements from various genres resulting to its own original "R-sound".

The previous project was called: "Enthronement" (on label: Neotrope Records 2002-2004). Now "Rauschenmaschine" is looking for a new record deal from more suitable electronic, industrial and experimental labels. For the time being all the music you can find from the [-R-] pages are considered free for promotional purposes.

You can find [-R-] works from the links below. Some of them are side/previous projects such as: Bearbeiter, Luxor Drohne, Linnhaer Mogula and Enthronement. All of them can be listened on-line and all tracks are downloadable (for now). Enjoy!

"Things are bound together, all connect."
~ Rauschenmaschine


Members & supporting artists:

Kristian Kouvo: music, gfx & animation. [-R-] logocube created by Jani Ylinen. Live gigs support artist: emanon.


Influences / Bands:

Ah Cama-Sotz, Agonoize, Andraculoid, Anthony Rother, Antigen Shift, Amon Tobin, Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Black Lung, Clock DVA, Combichrist, Deine Lakaien, Dioxyde, Dismantled, Feindflug, Cabaret Voltaire, Centhron, Charlie Clouser, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Takkyu Ishino, Luke Slater, Covenant, Cranes, Dark Soho, Scorn, Seabound, Seelenkrank, Snow in China, Xebox, Solitary Experiments, Test Dept, Underworld, Unkle, Terrorfakt, Welle Erdball, Vitalic, Wolfsheim, Biosphere, Autechre, Das Ich, Daft Punk, Dead Can Dance, Dulce Liquido, Future Sound Of London, God Module, Grendel, Hypnoskull, Virtual Space Industrial, Iszoloscope, Antigen Shift, Einstürzende Neubauten, Ellen Allien, Goldfrapp, Glis, Herbst 9, Implant, Syntax, KiEw, Roger Rotor, 5F-55, Ah-Cama Sotz, J.M. Jarre, Juno Reactor, KMFDM, Kraftwerk, Vangelis, Laibach, Panzer AG, Peoples Republic of Europe, Pimentola, L'âme Immortelle, Lassigue Bendthaus, Legowelt, Liquid Divine, Mind In a Box, Mindless Faith, Ministry, Mr. Bungle, Mylene Farmer, Julee Cruise, Neotropic, Neuroactive, Neurotic Fish, Nina Hagen, Siva Six, Oomph!, Strange Boutique, Pop Will Eat Itself, Project Pitchfork, Pzycho Bitch, Rosewater, Sielwolf, Sigue Sigue Sputnik, [:SITD:], Skinny Puppy, Suicide Commando, Velvet Acid Christ, :Wumpscut:, Xotox, YelworC etc.


Influences / Genres:

Cybergoth, Elektro, EBM, Industrial, Electro industrial, Dark wave, Cold wave, Aggrotech, Power noise, Power electronics, Technoid, Avant-garde, Futurepop, Synthcore, Neofolk, Dark ambient, Ambient noise/industrial, Illbient, Electronic, Atmospheric, Ethereal, Experimental, Cold Meat Industry etc.


Influences / Movies:

Apocalypto, Battle Royale, Blade Runner, Clockwork Orange, Crank, Devil's Rejects, Faster Pussycat Kill Kill, Mad Max, Nochnoy Dozor, Robocop, Stanley Kubrick, Tetsuo, The City of Lost Children, Star Wars, Star Trek, Sin City, Death Proof etc.


Influences / Directors:

Hayao Miyazaki, Stanley Kubrick, Paul Verhoeven, John Carpenter, James Cameron, Gus Van Sant, Darren Aronofsky, Jean Pierre Jeunet etc.


Record Label:

Rauschenmaschine is looking for a suitable label.


Other related activity:

Kristian Kouvo is spinning records by name: "DJ Kryotechnik" as a a freelancer. There has been many performances in clubs like: Hellfire Club, Torture Torstai, Trauma, Synapsi and Infektio.

Facebook page for DJ Kryotechnik:


[-R-] respects science, technology and progress, but at the same time can see threats in them. Things like hazardous sources of energy, pollution, global warming, overpopulation, war and poverty are many of the things we should take care of - instead of just ignoring it.

The basis to all life must be taken care of - which means our planet, the nature and all living things in it. We should wo
rk as one. Live so, that the nature and us can evolve together and the stream of life can go on. We should value and have more respect for each other than only measured by money. That would be a start.

[-R-] envisions its music could help people think more of our world, nature, the society, the choices of our future. Do we want to have a world of tomorrow in harmony with each other, or a dying dystopic world?

Technology can be an answer to many problems if only we have the right philosophy behind it. The era of fossile and fission energy will soon come to its end. We need another resources; healthy and futureproof. The future, what is it going to be? The choice is ours.

[-R-] puts hope in the science and art, which both have the power to affect the society and our future.


Facebook page:

Side project pages:



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