That's waySunnuntai 04.07.2010 18:46

Maybe it's the feeling of losing control
That makes me feel so bad all the time
Maybe someday I'll be fine again
But right now I'm just glad to be sad
Sadness and blue thoughts
Made me write this song
Memories of rock'n'roll
Helped me heal this broken heart
I can't remember how to smile
I really can't remember how to cry
I've had enough of these empty feelings
My life's a mess and I want to run and hide
Sadness and blue thoughts...
I don't know how to live this life
Baby, I'm so out of my mind
I just want you here right by my side
C'mon and take me with you
I'm just a fucked-up little girl
And I'm looking for some peace of mind
Some peace of mind

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