200% Capacity
By Jennifer Coney

With aquatic turtles it began,
A Red Eared Slider, nothing grand.

A Snow Corn Snake was quick to follow,
Now up to my ears in herps I wallow!

There's Burmese Pythons everywhere
Dumpy Treefrogs here and there.

Boas, Milksnakes, Pythons that Ball-
Where, oh where do I put them all?

A Russian Tortoise lives in my tub,
While a Green Iguana hangs from above!

There's Kingsnakes in my dining room,
My freezer is a rat filled tomb.

I threw my microwave out the door
To make room for one tank more!

A Tree Boa coils on the chandelier-
The problem is becoming clear...

I don't need the perfect mouse-
What I need is a bigger house!!

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