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-Torstai 27.04.2006 16:17

well, i have to admit, sometimes there are some bright moments as well. and i have to thank my friends for showing those to me.
i love u all.

-Tiistai 25.04.2006 17:49

what kind of a crappy day. at some point u cant continued anymore. today is one of these days. i just feel like going home from school (where i am right now) and stay there, forever.
does anything make sense? what is life for? its just punishment. what are friends? whom can u trust? is there even anyone u can trust? in the end its all illusion.

PierreMaanantai 27.03.2006 18:09

it*s not about 1.5weeks ago that my good buddy pierre moyat died and still there's a big black hole in my heart. i'll always miss u sweetie, the ice is empty and cold without you...

listening your songs... you'll always be in my heart.

...Perjantai 24.03.2006 20:08

still alive yeah i jus finished the matriculation exams today maths and so i m back to life but i m not so motivated to write right now just to update here because tatooine said..

[Ei aihetta]Maanantai 23.01.2006 20:05

my battery is almost low.. so i will be kicked out soon.
i'm waiting for my flight home to helsinki.. well "home":. where is my home? do i even have a home anymore? not so sure... home is where the heart is, no?
so my home is... well surprise. in france.

[Ei aihetta]Torstai 12.01.2006 20:45

I'm leaving to France tomorrow!!!!! Jippie!

Petter in Worldcup!Sunnuntai 25.12.2005 15:50

Petter will start in Nove Mesto, Otepää and Val di Fiemme! JIPPIE!!!

[more infos about myself later.. *i'm on the phone at the moment*]

2nd competition in the States...Maanantai 12.12.2005 22:36

Ludo was 3rd!!!!!!! JIPPIEEEEE!!!

Seb 9th, Jonathan 19th.... what a happy day :) hope for the French Nordic Combined!

For me personally, the day was pretty much like normal.. school at 8.30 /Psychology Abi kurssi/... then home, had to sleep. I still feel sick!! No good....
After a crazy SMS yesterday I'm a little bit out of order... was he drunk or how the hell did he mean that?

Coupe de France, Coupe du Monde B CNMaanantai 12.12.2005 10:03

For the competition in Prémanon, Vincent Descombes Sevoie from Les Houches took the victory ahead of Jason Lamy Chappuis, the 19-year-old Nordic Combined from Bois d'Amont. Third place again was taken by a special jumper, Damien Maître.
Circumstances were rather windy and the jumps didn't get as far as they could have on the HS81 hill.
Next Coupe de France will take place on 20.12.2005 in Courchevel and after this on 22nd in Chamonix.
I hope to be there for Chamonix, that'd be just TOO great!!!

Unfortunately there are not yet results available for yesterday's B WOrldcup of the Nordic Combined, but Saturday's competition was satisfactory for the French Team with Sebastian Lacroix on 4th place. The youngsters Maxime Boillot and Jonathan Felisaz were 36th and 47th. Ludovic Roux was unfortunately disqualified after the Jumping round because his skies were too long.

GOOD LUCK to go on for the Guys!
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