I am only crack in this castle of glass...

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Kolmen sanan tarina...

Bogo's crazy mad Because of all beers were gone. He is going to kick someone named Yenjin so fucking hard in bed tonight with a 3 legged dog, that he found under his dead hooker collection. Suddenly , pouzo appeared with his salami and began slapping his small monkey then began yodeling. Bogo was excited due to his important ebony hooker. After the sodomy he was relieved he wore protection. Suddenly, 300 Mexicans rushed out of his closet while yenjin was molested by The Orc Warrior Mulag.

Meanwhile, shit was flying through inside of Bogo's hooker infested colan spreading an infectious named Virus junior around the ring . It's very dangerous to look inside, it can kill scorps labedo boner induced comments. So he ran to white ninja because i'm very tired of touching myself inappropriately. Thats what she always used to do, until she caught Super Aids. Now now children settle down. It's not like i'm ganna tell you where to find the secret to eternal fountain of awesome. I will tell how it's gonna make you manly and irresistible to hordes of large, Banana eating monkeys.

Thats not all, you can also go and talk to Doom about your drinking problems and he will suck your dick. Until he skullfucks yenjin enough that his brains splatter enough that zombies mate and reproduce creating ninja dinosaurs that joined Fever and got banned! Unfortunately, the ban caused big fat Miss Joker to slap Yenjin in the big hole of Mole witch were violated by bears middle MW2 tournament, Bogo still has explosive diarrhea from the black whore that rapes him. Pickle pickle pickle bored Sorrow goes to middle school in his underwear only to be... struck by Zeus' in the ass and also in the ear by the Oakland Raiders.

My magic 8-ball told me to pull out my ultra sexy MissJoker blow up doll and go to the bath room and flush it down the toilet. Suddenly, I get up from the ally and and realize my condom broke and child support sucks, and my wife said AgentHawk was sleeping with the fishes, because he ate a big juicy plate of dog shit and he loves the smell of ancient beaver when he sits on a tiny, shiny, little moped. He drives a bad shaped road but he won't eat it for until after the zombies beat the living daylights out of pouzo with an orc warrior's humongous flaccid pecker. Of course that could also mean some aliens from a galaxy far from being civilized, love felatio vertically. Wait a minute... Am I dreaming? Yes, yes I am raging homosexually, so I am totally drunk in and out like a WASP on Krazyklams fishy vagina. Meanwhile, in outerspace my fingers were doing the shocker to spiderman " O and it felt so good he violently orgasmed all over his new strap on dildo.

Ninja was touching some nice round male ass when Kidrobot joined with him. They both left in a tank of waste water that had a retarded gnome swimming recreationally. Afterwards, Doom went sleeping at Pouzo's Ice-Cream Palace, but the gnome sharted all over Doom's head before Ragnarok took his Ak and accidentally dropped a live grenade into Cain's mouth who was hungry. Then he went BC2 Conquest server where he gets an herpes mouth from grenade poisoning. After all that they just left to go to Oprah's House for some crazy wild animal butt sex. When they arrived it was all clear that Oprah was a man and he was gay. Oprah changed names to trick Sc0rphion to make love to his hairy balls. Sc0rphion didn't mind joining in with a teddy bear brother of his

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