Onnia Jonglööri

Hyvä Päivä. I carted this acctoun to know people, without only ma area (mean Poland). I love Finland and Music from Finland and Language so I learn i baby steps... And Tahts all If u want know me just write. I Live in POLAND.

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Little more about me

So Moikka minä Olen Drizz its How u can call me.
Im Polish I live in North Poland by the sea. yeee now all Enjoy.
I love Life, Cloves Cigarettes and People like Czeslaw Niemen.
And I invite u to read My Blogi. Welcome.

(sometimes I feel like I'm such Idiot manipulated by evil words ,evil peoples, evil aggressive what throw me to the corner in me when I win fight, so I watch this or play in my head & that remind who I am... somebody good (No good no evil)& strong. Cause to be Good in this Times we must too Stay Strong. Learn survive with Pain and make Incredible Usually things.)

So here we Are....

I'm human of passios,
Im little loony/frenzy.. whatever... cause Im polish.. and with good joke litlle or more,
My passios is Juggling and Music.
Vocal(singing), Percussion, (I was play piano too now just dont have one), Train with poi contact and fire spinning staff.
When I'm Juggling with My Poi-Contacts I Feel 100% of Freedom.

U can see here, how its look

specially, I love train on the beach at 4-10 AM in the morning, when sunrise is coming or when the beach is out of people.
But sometimes train all day to twilight.
Sunrise is my favourite part of day 'casue I can interpret that like death and Life met on earth in the same moment where I be, day what come is like life what met with gone day what is like death.... sometimes we can see then Sun & moon on one sky in the same time in morning and then one side of sea is violet & pink and second side is cold blue, & between is pier. After I love this raspberry rays rain of the sun and on other said blue colors of past day and sea. .
Talking about places
I so much Like too walks in forest at twilight when around is lot of Fireflys.
Or on cemetery but only if is shy and curious monuments of graves.
Little blew now freezing cold. But is only notices.

But Now The greatest of memory thing is Comet what I saw with my exboyfriend on the beach, I still live this moment and what I saw,
the tail of comet was cold-blue and glow around Orange Central, and behind tail make and leave lot of silver sparks. That's Was be Good fucking amazing... I always remind this when i have bad time.
And there is some Words of My favourite Book
``Those who aspire to less accomplish less. There can be no doubt. It is better, I think, to grab at the stars than to sit flustered because you know you cannot reach them.” He shot Drizzt his typical wry smile."

About My so much interesting usually Day....
I like too go on the beach, read books (fantasty usually) & smoking cigarette, watch sea.

I have more than One or few interest like quantum Physics, philosophy, Art, microexpression, medicine (specially neuroscience, neurology), psyhology ( again specially of good and bad or Interpersonal relationship u know language of body & something like that and clinical psychology), Ancient history. etc.
In future I want Study Maybe in Finland Medicine or Psychology, maybe both. Maybe. Maybe in Chicago. or Maybe in Poland still...

what I can write else
I'm WILD & ROMANTIC but in this dark side of .


I don't watch TV.
I'm Androgyny
I'm BIsexual
I have 22 years old,
Play RPG Games
I'm synestesier
I love Meditate
I like sit on the window and drink green tea with my thoughts.