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Lainauksia..Torstai 09.07.2015 07:29

I want someone who will treat me like their favorite book and book character.
Someone who will sit down with me over tea or coffee with a genuine desire to understand me.
Someone who will grin when they hear my name, remembering my development.
Someone who knows my story already, yet still laughs when I retell it for the 3rd time, and cries at the painful parts even though the pain isn’t their own.
I want someone who will bookmark my dreams and make sure I get to them, one page of life at a time.
Someone who won’t just exchange me for a less damaged version when they notice the cracks in the binding, like my fake smile.
Someone who helps recover the lost pages of my heart that were torn out after my last attempts to love somebody.
Someone who isn’t content with me being alone, and longs for a sequel with them by my side.
I guess at the heart of it all, I want someone that will treat me like something worth salvaging.
I want someone that will help me believe that I am.”

maxwelldpoetry, “How would you want to be loved?”

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