Aivoton ja pääton maan johto on. Päät pois tai hirteen, Sitä mieltä minä oon


9.7.1982 (41,94 vuotta)

If the lord is thy shepherd,
That makes you his sheep,
And what a wolf is bound to do.
Is to prey upon such breed.

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    When I'm gone and my time had come to shut these eyes of mine
    No stones must be erected I will leave but ash behind
    Tell no tales about me when you gather around your fire
    I'll be one with mother earth not dining in no hall up high
    I have no master I swear no oath
    The gods may pass me by
    I steer the horse I choose to mount
    When the storm draws near and the blood rain from the sky
    One life hardly a notch made in the bark of tree of time
    One death hardly a drop of blood on the reapers shiny scythe
    I take not a thing with me where I will go on the day I die
    When my star has ceased to shine, but in a shallow hole I'll lie I'll lie
    Nobody died for my sins
    No faith tied to my name
    The path I choose to walk is mine
    When the clouds turn red and the horizon as in flames
    My blood my heart my soul my hands my feet
    My hair and eyes my head my lips and teeth
    My arms my legs my cock my choice and life
    My loungs my mind till the day I die