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389. datissPerjantai 30.09.2011 18:16

Ollu koneel sit melki viikkoo kunnol o.O

387. Måndag :'DMaanantai 26.09.2011 17:00

"Syö ny vittu ruokas!"


"Anteeks, mä en kuullu"
If there's love just feel it,
If there's life we'll see it.
This is no time to be alone, alone, yeah,
I, wont let you go.

Say those words,
Say those words like there's nothing else.
Close your eyes and you might believe.

Open up,
Open up your heart to me now.
Let it all come pouring out,
Theres nothing I can't take.

If your sky is falling,
Just take my hand and hold it.
You don't have to be alone, alone, yeah,
I, won't let you go.

385.Lauantai 24.09.2011 18:04

Oh I hate fridays like that, sure is coming a long week...

384. Sorry but..Keskiviikko 21.09.2011 20:39 made a mistake and you will notice it soon.

383.Keskiviikko 21.09.2011 20:29

I’ll pick you up when you’re down,
be there when no one’s around.
When you’re in unfamiliar places,
count on me through life’s changes.

You’re all I want, yeah yeah,
I know you’re the one, yeah.
Know that you’re never alone,
in me you can find a home.

382. You make feel goodKeskiviikko 21.09.2011 20:17

381. ...Tiistai 20.09.2011 21:59

Always the second and always will be..

380. -.-Tiistai 20.09.2011 19:37

Kiitos vaan.