I had'nt exactly lost my soul, I just didn't know where I'd put it.

~Tiistai 31.12.2013 18:24

And honestly I have been begging for answers
That you and only you can give to me.
My voice crying loud,
I've been crying for days now,
And as I start to run, I stop to breathe.

(And I was nearly scared to death)
And I was nearly scared to death
(Of why you left in paragraphs)
Of why you left in paragraphs
(The words were nearly over us)
The words were nearly over us
You stop and turn and grab your bags

And I'll be here by the ocean
Just waiting for proof that there's sunsets and silhouette dreams
All my sand castles fall like the ashes of cigarettes
And every wave drags me to sea
I could stand here for hours
Just to ask God the question, "Is everyone here make-believe?"
With a tear in His voice, He says, "Son, that's the question."
Does this deafening silence mean nothing to no one but me?

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