I freak you the fuck the out

#51Torstai 17.11.2011 15:52

You've got a heart filled with passion.
Will you let it burn for hate or compassion.

#50Keskiviikko 16.11.2011 12:28

#49Sunnuntai 06.11.2011 15:07

#48Tiistai 01.11.2011 22:11

Your impossible ego fuck is like a
Megalomaniacal tab on my tongue
You fucking touch me I will rip you apart
I'll reach in and take a bite out of that
Shit you call a heart...

Kill you - fuck you - I will never be you
I cant fucking take it anymore
A snap of the synapse
And now its fucking war

#47Sunnuntai 30.10.2011 03:09

#46Lauantai 29.10.2011 01:48

#45Perjantai 28.10.2011 15:44

you wanna get close, ease up 'cuz you gotta long way to go.

#44Keskiviikko 26.10.2011 18:44

se tunne kun tökkäät omenaporalla peukalon kynnen alle ;__;

#43Tiistai 25.10.2011 21:38

#42Tiistai 25.10.2011 00:24


People don't listen to our times real talents..