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    The Meaning Of Rescue

    Now that I'm home, bathed,
    settled and fed,
    All nicely tucked up in my
    new bed,
    I'd like to open my
    baggage, lest I forget.
    There is so much to carry,
    so much to regret.

    Hmmm…. Yes, there it is,
    right on the top,
    Let's unpack loneliness,
    heartache and loss
    And there beneath hides
    fear and shame
    I still have to unpack my
    baggage called pain.
    I loved them - the others,
    why couldn't they see
    But I wasn't good enough -
    for they didn't want me.

    Will you carry my baggage,
    will you help me unpack,
    Or will you look at my
    things and take me right
    Do you have the time to
    help me recover;
    The joy of living - to
    help me discover?
    I pray that you do - I'm
    so tired you see,
    But I do come with
    baggage, will you still
    want me?