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    Core O Rama 2012

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    The Skyline - The Encounters

    Constant stream of people
    Where are you?
    This search is subconscious and compulsive
    I can't see this ending

    There must be something with the way we parted ways
    "You're not better than me" means "Don't you feel better than me"
    I can't say when I've missed you the most
    Today? Not far from the truth

    This phase has been on for too long
    I'm not moving, not even backwards
    I roll the dice but the spinning won't stop
    It's so much harder to take a step than not

    Waiting for something to happen
    Or this to turn into nothing
    Waiting the next encounter
    Still knowing it will make this harder

    Waiting for something to happen
    Waiting the next encounter
    Waiting for something to happen

    I see you walking everywhere
    I hide my tears in safe distance

    Another day
    Another night
    I'm still alive but so tired
    I've been living my life within these same circles for far too long
    I can't let go

    I've been drowning my own voice
    I've been living by false control

    I can't remember how it feels to be free
    Free from the fear
    Repeating these patterns has come to an end
    And I will lift my head up again

    Could I be the person that I want to be right now?

    If I change I need to change forever
    But I don't want to live this way
    I will find myself again
    I won't give up until I do