So close no matter how far

Judas Priest - WarLauantai 27.03.2010 15:44

We come in all that glory now
No prayers suffice such evil foe
Black wings - the storm is gathering
And time will say
We know the power of heresy
Is on it's way

Gods of war
Heed their warning
Gods of war
They are coming now

No man can quell the suffering
The hell and all the grief it brings
Our life is almost over now there's
Nothing more
We feel the pain is everywhere
It comes and roars

Gods of war
Judge and jury
Gods of war
Pain and fury now

We must hold this threat
From such panic yet
There will come a time
When we'll be saved
Our resilient heart
To confound defeat yeah

Out of purgatory
Unto victory
We shall over come
The war they staged
Through unyielding power
In this darkest hour
They will retreat

Gods of war
Gods of war
End creation now

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