You may not be flawless, but you are perfect.

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DaybreakTiistai 18.05.2010 03:52

Windows, open wide, straight to the soul
I'm keeping my eyes closed to see the show
Images of Aztec-icon snow
No more, no more

Pictures inside the dancing flames of the mind
Deaf departures through corridors of the dying
Just to see the day
My soul has flown away
Floating inside the colours of my heart

Dreaming in a voice so far unknown
Anonymous and monotone and cold
Visions of a temple made of gold
Unsolved, unsolved

Pictures, drawn by the raving lunatic
Entheogenic presents fixed by the kids
Just to zone away, my eyes have turned to clay
Staring into the void of coloured hearts

I miss you
True and untrue
And you say you miss me, too"

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