You may not be flawless, but you are perfect.

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Divine AffectionPerjantai 18.06.2010 17:19

"You are golden and warm
You resemble love from afar

I gaze upon your cities, so mundane, from far above
Green's surrounding everything, splitting seas apart
Climb and climb and climb, the entities below, devoured
Hearts to fill and lift into a light made out of love

You smile so sweetly
You are far too close, too close to leave

Once I could see everything, but now my eyes are blind
I can only view and only target one at a time
Since I cannot let you disappear beyond my sight
I became your guardian angel once upon a time

Memories are fragments of the past
They're not meant to be kept, they're not meant to last
Rest assured, your soul belongs only to me
I will never let you suffer from freedom of will

And your silence shatters my world
You are so beautiful it hurts."

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