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For Mayor In SplitsvilleSunnuntai 16.03.2014 00:12

Funny what you think of
after a collapse
While lying in the dirt
the first thing that comes back is never
quite what you’d have guessed
And if you could have,
you probably would’ve said
you’d check if all your limbs were intact still
and then try to get out

We played house with the neighbors
in their basement
Sister made me husband
she was older so I did her bidding
I remember once their dad came in said,
"You think this is bad?
You don’t know the half.”
And he laughed.

It’s funny what things come back
The first things you see

How he sort of smiled like it’s only a joke
but he was lying
There was something else inside of his eyes
All those secrets people tell to little children
Are warnings that they give them
Like, “Look, I’m unhappy.
Please don’t make the same mistake as me.”

Why are those old worn out jokes
on married life told at toasts
at receptions still?
How does it never occur
how often couples get burned
and end uncertain in Splitsville?

Funny what you think of
in the wreckage,
lying there
in the dirt
and the dust
and the glass
How you’re suddenly somewhere,
in the desert,
in the nighttime,
and it’s getting close to Christmas
And then her and that movie voice
she uses when she reads,
“Welcome to the Land of Enchantment”
from a highway sign
And it’s late so you take the next exit

When that trip ended we came back
the rent was due I was jobless
I guess in retrospect
I should’ve sensed decay
Then that day, how you said,
“I just don’t know”
and I promised
We’d rearrange things
to fix the mess I’d made here

But I guess in the end
we just moved furniture around
but I guess in the end
we just moved furniture around
but I guess in the end
we just moved furniture around
but I guess in the end
it sort of feels like
every day it’s harder
to stay happy where you are
There are all these ways
to look through the fence
into your neighbor’s yard
Why even risk it?
It’s safer to stay distant
When it’s so hard now to just be content
Because there’s always something else

Now I’m proposing my own toast,
composing my own joke
for those married men
Maybe I’m miserable,
I’d rather run for mayor in Splitsville
than suffer your jokes again.

La Dispute - For The Mayor In Splitsville

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