A Piano Implies
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Life and Death

“Fine, I’ll tell you then. Put your hand here.”
He put my hand on his chest as he said that.
“What do you feel?”
“What do I feel? A man’s chest? It’s hard and flat.”
“Yeah, yeah, I’m sorry I don’t have massive tits. What else?”
“What else…”
Some sensations carried through the thin material of his shirt to the palm of my hand.
Heart beat, body temperature, the feeling of firm muscles.
Why was my mouth reluctant to move? Shion pulled his hand away and made a fist. Mouse chuckled.
“My heart’s beating. It’s warm, right?”
“Of course it is! You’re alive. Obviously you’d be warm if your heart was beating.”
“That’s right. I’m alive, right now, in front of you. That should be enough. What more do you need to know?”