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    Do you miss me when you're lonely?
    Or is it wishful thinking in my head
    Cause I'm lonely for you only
    And I'm not quite done with us yet
    I'm dialing
    And I'm dialing
    But every time I hang up the phone

    I can't get you out of my system
    No parole from this prison
    The judge says I'm a junkie for your love
    All the walls in here covered
    With the tales of how I suffer
    In the end I'm just a junkie for your love

    I'm itching and I'm twitching
    I'd do just about anything for a fix
    And the radio drives me crazy
    I can't listen to this sentimental shit
    Been drinking
    And drinking
    But I'll never drink you out of my head


    All the hurting things you said
    As you left, are still echoing in my head
    And this burning that I feel
    Shows to me
    That our love was for real


    Junkie for your love