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08Perjantai 28.06.2013 15:03

Once we are young, twice we die.
One time when you stop breathing and the second time, a bit later on when somebody says your name for the last time.
And all this will pass, will end to fast; that's all you know.

07Tiistai 25.06.2013 21:28

It's all about you. You see your life thru your own eyes and you live it as you want. You are the boss and decide your way.

But still, why do I see beautiful things only in my dreams? My reasons to live and smile are in my dreams, how could I move them to the reality?

06Tiistai 25.06.2013 01:50

Take my hand let's go,
Somewhere we can rest our souls.
We'll sit where it's warm,
You say look we're here alone.

I was running in circles,
I hurt myself,
Just to find my purpose.

Everything was so worthless,
I didn't deserve this,
But to me you were perfect.

05Maanantai 24.06.2013 04:15

When I'm with you
Everything seems better
Now I know
I see it all today
We were meant to be together
I'm in pain when you're away

Come on and save me
I'm loosing my touch
Day after day
Cause I miss you so much
Come on and save me
I'm loosing my mind
Waiting and waiting
For you to be mine

04Perjantai 21.06.2013 12:20

Juhannus Alpeilla 4 tähden hotellis on iha jees :)

03Keskiviikko 19.06.2013 06:59

I leave this all shit behind for two weeks... Switzerland here I come.

02Sunnuntai 16.06.2013 13:34

I die everytime you walk away,
don't leave me alone with me.
See, I'm afraid.

The voices say nothing's gonna be okay.

01Torstai 06.06.2013 23:38

Kun ei oo elämäs
kerinny viel puoliikaan kokee
voi ihan luval
olla vaan nuori ja sokee
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