[Ei aihetta]Maanantai 20.10.2008 21:46

antaisitko sä kaiken
oisitko erilainen
olin mä kanssas tai en
saat veren kiehumaan
teet musta kokonaisen
tai pistät paloiks miehen
olin mä kanssas tai en
kanssas tai ilman aina se sattuu

[Ei aihetta]Keskiviikko 15.10.2008 18:58

And there's no escape
Just countless mistakes

[Ei aihetta]Torstai 02.10.2008 17:42

luulin, että tiesit sen,
että olen luonas onnellinen.
luulin, että tiesit sen,
kun katsoit minuun läpi hiljaisuuden.
luulin, että paljastun
viimeistään silloin, kun

onnen kyyneleet
kuin tähti taivaalle putoaa

[Ei aihetta]Maanantai 15.09.2008 19:31

so hold me when i'm here,
love me when i'm wrong,
you can hold me when i'm scared,
you won't always be there,
so love me when i'm gone

[Ei aihetta]Keskiviikko 10.09.2008 19:53

so don't go away
say what you say
but say that you'll stay

[Ei aihetta]Tiistai 09.09.2008 20:15

and what do i care
to get me through these sleepless nights
and what do i have to
hold when no one's there to hold me tight
and what do i see
the only thing that gets me through this is
i feel and i feel you

[Ei aihetta]Perjantai 05.09.2008 11:56

elämä on ihanaa <3

[Ei aihetta]Sunnuntai 31.08.2008 23:59

I've never knew what it was to be alone, no
Cause you were always there for me
You were always there waiting
And ill come home and I miss your face so
Smiling down on me
I close my eyes to see

I carry the things that remind me of you
In loving memory of
The one that was so true
Your were as kind as you could be
And even though you're gone
You still mean the world to me

[Ei aihetta]Torstai 28.08.2008 18:41

osta hyvä vanhojentanssi puku!

[Ei aihetta]Perjantai 08.08.2008 15:00

and when the rain is falling
i don't feel it,
'cause you're here with me now
and one look at you baby
is all i'll ever need,
you're all i'll ever need