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Mira <sydän> Tomi

Every time our eyes meet
This feeling inside me
Is almost more than I can
Baby when you touch me
I can feel how much you
love me
And it just blows me away
I've never been this close
to anyone or anything
I can hear your thoughts
I can see your dreams

I don't know how you do
what you do
I'm so in love with you
It just keeps getting
I want to spend the rest
of my life
With you by my side
Forever and ever
Every little thing that
you do
Baby, I'm amazed by you

Anette, Tuuli, Eija, Tiia,
Tilla, Markka,
Marika, Janita, Anni,
Kaisu, Anne, Linda,
Juhani, Ville, Mika, Heidi, Jenni,
Suvi, Saara, Petra