;;____________;; <3Torstai 30.04.2009 17:30

I will never forget you,
Though I may meet someone new
But a part of my heart
Will forever belong to you.

I know it won’t be easy,
And I’ll miss you every second
But everything in life,
Comes with a special lesson.

Letting go is hard
But when all the sadness clears
There will not be a reason
To shed another tear.

Of all the times you hurt me
And all the times I’ve cried
I think of why I worked so hard
And why I even tried.

You said you’d love me forever
But forever has come and gone
And still I sit and wonder
Where it all went wrong.

But now I see what’s really there
And there’s nothing I could have done
You can’t help who you love
And I just wasn’t the one.

Maybe someday down the road
Our paths will intertwine
And once again I can hold you
And know you are mine.

We had some really good times
And we had some really bad,
But the strength to keep on going
Neither of us had.

I’m sorry our time has ended
And we couldn’t make things work
But then I think of all the times
You acted like a jerk.

I know I wasn’t perfect
But I gave you all I had
And if we were so deep in love
Why does it feel so bad?

I still have a lot of questions
And I still wonder why
But now all I can do is say…
I love you and goodbye.

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