No-one is free; There are only varying degrees of captivity.

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1 - Demon Core
2 - Destroyer
3 - Demon Core instrumental outtake (bonus)

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Joka on valmis uhraamaan vapauden turvallisuuden tunteen vuoksi,
ei ansaitse kumpaakaan.


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"Karl Marx's Radical Antisemitism"Keskiviikko 06.11.2019 10:04

" When considering Marx and his views towards Jews, one must go further than his infamous essay, his correspondence also needs to be considered. Marx used the Bambergers to borrow money but showed contempt for them. In a derogatory fashion he referred to the father and son as “Jew Bamberger” or “little Jew Bamberger.” Similarly, Spielmann, whose name appears frequently in correspondence between Marx and Engels was referred to as “Jew Spielmann.” When on holiday in Ramsgate in 1879, Marx reported to Engels that the resort contained “many Jews and fleas.” In an earlier letter to Engels, Marx referred to Ferdinand Lassalle as a “Jewish nigger.” Professor Fine has not discussed this but I do not see such comments as “witty” or “ironic,” they are simply racist. "

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Ihmettelen jos britit saa Brexitin vietyä läpi ilman väkivaltasia mellakoita.

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