» YOU ARE DEAD TO ME ♥ // »유 + 웃 = ♥ / you + me = big mess :P

-.-"Keskiviikko 20.07.2011 16:39

I love my room !
siell on

- makkarin ovi
- 4 sänkyy
- 8 telkkaa
- ainaki 15 pahvilaatikkoo
- 2 kirjahyllyy
- 3 jtn ihme hyllyy
- iha vitusti vaatteit
- ja kaikkee muut ..

ja mun kamat on roskis ,, tai varastos ..

-.-"Maanantai 18.07.2011 18:07

älkää vittu kokoajan soittako !
vastaan sit ko vastaan , jos vastaan -.-''

I'm so far from where I need to be
I've given up on faith, on everything
All I want, all I need
Is some peace...

<3Lauantai 09.07.2011 19:02

I can not do this to you
taught but smiles
you helped me more than depression
you helped me to have fun
I could make the grade without you
I will not leave you here!

anna anteeksLauantai 09.07.2011 00:27

forgive me
I can not break promises
I know it hurt you
but it hurts me too
I would not do it intentionally
I do not want to hurt you
I do not upset your mind
I just can not break promises...

-Keskiviikko 06.07.2011 15:30

we are like jupiter and mars
completely different planets
we share the sky than the sea
so far away from each other
we are like night and day
like an angel and a demon
but still I love you
I miss every moment
I weep for you
I'm willing to take a bullet for you
as long as you do not leave me here alone

.___.Maanantai 04.07.2011 00:21

"ei voi huorasta tehdä prinsessaa"
mä luulin tuntevani sut, mut niin kai moni muukin täällä
putipuhdas mieles on vaa enää pelkkä tahra
pinnallisuutes sylkee takas vasten naamaas
asentees perusteel kuuluisit takas lastentarhaan
no mikäs siin jos kusipäisyys on sun mielest taiteellist
tää on totuuden siemen ja sun suuhus aion sulloo sen

-Perjantai 01.07.2011 15:17

I remember the time when you took me in your arms
kissed me tenderly on the forehead
and told that everything is ok
of forwarding the same to me
why I lost you ?
no one has taken me in his arms
tenderly kissed my forehead
or even tell a genuinely cared
I miss you so terrible
come back

mmmm ....Torstai 09.06.2011 23:20

Anteeks mutta, en voi sulle avautua
en tarvii muuta, mut en voi antaa sanan tulla
mielen patoutumat alkaa pikku hiljaa painaa
pettymysten suma, varmaa sit minuu vaivaa

>;Tiistai 31.05.2011 19:30

I am not a child now
I can take care of myself
I mustn't let them down now
Mustn't let them see me cry
I'm fine, I'm fine

I try and try to understand
The distance in between
The love I feel and the things I fear
And every single dream

ummummMaanantai 18.04.2011 00:14

It's heavy
but you are not the only one
who's tired of giving
afraid of the oblivion
Could it be that your curse is a bliss?
But the crown on your head never felt this heavy