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DragunovaS.T.A.L.K.E.RLuonut: DragunovaSunnuntai 13.11.2011 20:17


Me and Hemppa were staring the bushes outside the cave, scared what would be there stalking us or waiting to attack us. Hemppa had shot a burst in the bushes and I had woken up in the sounds of shots. I asked, ‘’Why did you shoot? What did you see?’’.
He answered ‘’ I saw something in the bushes, something not humane…’’. I said ‘’ I’ll wake others’’. ‘’No, I think it’s gone away, and I think it had something to do whit that barrack where we slept last night. Remember, we have to get those Stalker’s out of here, that’s what we are paid for’’. ‘’Ok, I keep you company till the others wake up.’’

I remembered well how we got in that situation, deep in the French zone, near Toulouse. There were three of us. Me,’Hemppa’ and Father Anderrson. We never had been in the zone before, and we had no idea what we were going to face or see. We had a small apartment in the centre of Toulouse, town which had been over two million human city before the ‘visit’ at 2004 which created the Zone’s all around the world. Million’s died in matter of second’s and much more died in riots and injuries caused by the visit.

Tämä on pieni osa tulevasta tarinasta jota kirjoitan. Kirjoistus virheitä on melko paljon ja sana muodot osittain päin prinkkalaa.
« Uudemmat - Vanhemmat »