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Professional Performing?Perjantai 20.09.2013 01:10

So.. What makes a Musical performer a professional performer? Well basically the word "Professional" bounds itself with getting paid from the shows you do.
Lost Society performed last night while supporting For The Imperium and Children of Bodom. I have seen Lost Society twice before and their show never let's down. Unfortunately the crowd was bit asleep. Left side of the stage was the original, all the way LS fans. Other were maybe there to just watch it and move on to COB. But I digress. Lost Society was the king of performance and quality of Jalometalli 2013 and was the king also on this mash up. One thing that bugs me is that they performed first, they opened it. I know COB would be the headliner because of their fame globally, but FTI should have opened. Why? Well here is my opinion about it.

FTI is somewhat avant-garde-progressive metal of today. It's not more famous than LS or in general better, IMO. I gave them a chance by watching the show. Music business to me is all about the live performance, it captures new people to buy your stuff. FTI failed in that. Performance was sloppy, the quality of the playing was okay, but only thing that truly got to me was the drums, awesome drumming, I can give you that. Either way, there was movement in the stage but it was pretty much on certain zones, like they planned "You leave this zone and we'll kick your ass." That's how it seemed to me. Singer was alright with his clean vocals, but the scream didn't impress me. Guitar worked but seemed to not sync with the rest of it. Drums leaded the way and everyone else fallowed.

So the point to all of this bitching is that there is a band, that belongs out there, on the road, on the stages and studios. Lost Society punches you in the face without remorse and it needs to open to this band, that doesn't deliver the goal of performing to us. I see myself open to new stuff, but that didn't give anything new or interesting to look at, or heavily not even listening to. Back home I listened few of their songs, was even less impressed, but you can be the judge about that. Just feels dumb that a band that rock's balls even if the crowd is a piece of shit, needs to open to this, low class performance.

So here is the verdict: LS is a Professional band, professional performers as in to FTI, they seem like the band i would go see at a community center at best. Go see LS, FTI and COB on their tour through the land of Finland.

With Love & Hate

suudelma:DKeskiviikko 30.09.2009 00:25

♥ Suudelma vatsaan = "tule suihkuun kanssani"
♥ Suudelma otsalle = "Olet ikuisesti minun"
♥ Suudelma korvaan ="Olen kiimainen"
♥ Suudelma poskelle = "Olemme kavereita"
♥ Suudelma käteen = "Palvon sinua"
♥ Suudelma kaulalle = "Me kuulumme yhteen"
♥ Suudelma olkapäälle = "Haluan sinut"
♥ Suudelma huulille = "Rakastan sinua" tai "haluan sinut"
♥ Pitää kädestä = "Voimme oppia rakastamaan toisiamme"

♥ Läppäistä perseelle = "Tuo on minun"
♥ Leikkiä korvan kanssa = "En voi elää ilman sinua"
♥ Pidellä tiukasti = "Älä päästä irti"
♥ Katsoa silmiin = "Älä päästä irti"
♥ Leikkiä hiuksilla = "Sano että rakastat minua"
♥ Kädet lantioilla ="Rakastan liikaa päästääkseni irti"
♥ Nauraa vaikka suutelee = "Olen täysin rento kanssasi"

♥ Neuvo -
Älä kysy suudelmaa, vaan tee itse.
Jos ajattelit jotakuta samaan aikaa kun luit tätä,
Olet varmasti rakastunut

♥ Koskaan ei saa olla liian rakastunut, jos rakas katoaa elämästä häntä ei voi unohtaa.
♥ Jos et kopio tätä päiväkirjaasi minuutin sisällä, se jota ajattelit lukiessasi tätä unohtaa sinut
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