I freak you the fuck the out

#73Perjantai 15.02.2013 01:18

You say, "Oh look at her, she's so skinny and pretty!"
I say, "I think she should eat properly and start working out so she could look healthy, not just skin and bone."

You say, "Oh wow, that full make up is so awesome!"
I say, "Are you covering something nasty underneath that make up layer? Like, something rotten?"

You say, "He's so charming, and handsome. And popular!"
I say, "He's probably an asshole using your blindness for his benefit and always looking more for blind little girls."

You say, "I want to look like her! She's perfect in every way!"
I say, "Stop talking bullshit and look the real perfect human in the mirror."

You say, "I'm so brokenhearted, he cheated me with that other girl after 2 weeks after we started dating.."
I say, "And you started dating him in the beginning because of why? He's actions are obvious."

You say, "OMG! I'm so in love with him he's the dream guy!"
I say, "So you're so sure after ten weeks of dating? Did you even know about this guy six months ago?"

You say, "I love her so much, she's amazing and beautiful!"
I say, "Boy, look around. Every guy is licking their lips and what does she do? Act like you ain't even there. Are you seriously sure, that se is THE ONE for you?"

You say, "Stop you're so mean!"
I say, "Please, I'm telling you somethings I've learned since this day of my life, and you're telling me I'm mean? We're same at the same age and look who's had more experience in life. Grow up, daddys little angel and welcome to the big, fat, nasty world who's going to kick your teeth in if you give it a chance. So get up, stop whining and walk your head in the clouds and feet on the ground. And learn some lessons. You're out of the kindergarten. "

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