Everything happens for a reason, listen everything happens for a reason.

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That's Very Hot.Maanantai 24.01.2011 02:06

hot hot hot that's very hot.

ABC Represent!Perjantai 14.01.2011 06:13

Watch on YouTube for more information! Thumbs up, favorite, share, support pls! thanks!

Merry Christmas Everybody!Perjantai 24.12.2010 15:52

New Winter Jacket!Torstai 16.12.2010 12:46

Help me choose!

White or Black one?

[Second Part]

MY first blog ever!!!Tiistai 16.11.2010 13:53

@ Loy Krathong Party!!! Our first dance performance ever! It's the first part! Check it!
[First Part]
Our new member Bunthy! Big cheers for him! We have now se7en members in our crew!