no man, no cry u know ladiees

just blame it on all the pain he gaveSunnuntai 13.09.2009 04:47

All these walls I've built
They were built to keep you out
And now I sit alone because I only box myself in
And now before I could dry my face
Before the broken heart could mend
I didn't wanna fall back down to hoping again
So what if I came clean,
and told you all you mean to me,
so what if I meant every word I said,
baby don't let it go to your head

So what if I write your name,
cause you're always on my brain,
in a heart I paint in crimson red,
baby dont let it go to your head

Just cause I cant go on,
just cause I die when ur gone,
and just cause I think of you in bed,
dont let it go to your head,
if I dim your eyes, one too, too many times,
analyse every word you said,
dont let it go to your head

how can I get over u?Keskiviikko 02.09.2009 20:37

I'd never felt this empty
Since I been alone
And the silence is louder than any fight we've ever had before
You don't even know
The time for night to turn to morning
Never took this long
And there's nothing to take from me
Cause you're already gone
Bein hurt for a while's how I'll get over you

Every mile that I steer
Every song that I hear is a memory of you
Please leave me alone
And no matter what
Please don't regret all the times you
Pretend you don't see me
It's pathetic I try to despise you
Just like you do with me
Love just don't disappear especially when it's true

this is taking all of my energyTiistai 01.09.2009 20:53

I wish I could rip out a page of my memory
Cuz I put too much energy in him and me
Can't wait till I get thru this phase
Cuz it's killlin' me
Too bad we can't rewrite our own history

is that what u call friendship?Lauantai 29.08.2009 19:59

hha, ok


don't you know I would baby if I couldLauantai 22.08.2009 22:08

boy, me and you were just fine, you know
we wine and dine
did them things that couples do when in love, you know
walks on the beach and stuff, you know
things that lovers say and do
I love you boo, I love you too
I miss you a lot, I miss you even more

but this gotta eeeeend

eii serranot loppu!Keskiviikko 19.08.2009 23:01

ja kamalan surullinen jakso :( itketti ihan
nii joo ja oikeesti must nii tyhmä loppu
yes please............
I keep a picture of you everywhere i go
it's like my lucky charm everywhere i go
when i can't reach you on my cellphone
or when i'm feeling like i'm all alone

Long distance relationships
I'm a 1701 miles away from my baby's cheeks
and I miss you like crazy, I miss you like crazy
got to hear your voice before I go to sleep
I want to hear you talk, want to hear you breath
I miss you like crazy, I miss you like crazy