no man, no cry u know ladiees
my so called friend turned her back when I needed her the most

No more tryin to fix what's unfixable
No need to try and cure the impossible
So do what u want to
U can choose what u want to
If u tried to loose me then it worked cus the damage is done...
The damage, the damage, the damage is done

ääää mä oon tyhmäTiistai 27.10.2009 22:10

mä painoin tuolt asetuksist vahingos et mä en voi kommentoida eikä mulle voi kommentoida nii nyt mun KAIKKI kommentit katos voi perkele eiks niit saa takas :(((
Love, walkin' takes so long when u're alone
This time, don't it?
And love, u had a hand to hold but it just
wasn't warm enough, but now

Cuz the same shoulder that was so cold
Now needs one to lean on
Same number that was so hard to call
Is ur favorite one

Same door u hated to walk in
Is what u wish was home
Same mama who told u I was no good
Forgot to tell u

Love, it's a cold, cold world out there
And when it rains it pours I swear
And that big sea dont look so pretty no more
I hate to be the one love lover

Love, for two seconds I actually feel bad for u
But ur time is up
And love, love, the worst is
That the world ain't been so bad to me
I've had better loves

Cuz the same chicks who hold ur attention
Turn out to just beat ur guns
Same ex who was ur back up plan
Moved on to better man

Same friends who told u to leave
Have all tried to get at me
Same mama who told u I was no good
Forgot to tell u

Love, it's a cold cold world out there
And when it rains, it pours I swear
And that big sea dont look so pretty no more
I hate to be the one love lover

And u know love,
The grass aint greener, I swear
On the other side

I have to see u, I swear
On the other side
I have to leave u, I swear
On the other side, side

But love, I thank u for showing me
That the world dont turn because of u

Love, u'r so good now someone stopped the storm
I'm so wrong with u
And I'm sorry

apuaa hahah :DMaanantai 19.10.2009 23:00

mä näin äsken yhen turkkilaisen "Askon" (ei oo sen oikee nimi) ku tutustuttiin siihen ku oltii turkis :D nii siis äsken näin sen ku tulin himaan ku se asuu kontulas ja herranjumala hahahahah :DDD
oli nii kiusallist :DDDD se on joku kolmekybäne, siis tosi mukava on mut se haluis viedä mut tanssii itikseen joskus :)) ihanaa :D

pakko päästä pois, görüsürüzPerjantai 16.10.2009 21:45

mul on joku krooninen matkakuume oikeesti
nytki mä haluun Turkkiiiiiiiiin!
ainaki Istanbuliin, se ois niiiiiiin jees =) mut mikä vaa muuki paikka
mut Turkkiin

dodih, who's with me?;)

ouuhTiistai 13.10.2009 19:14

I could fill up an ocean!Perjantai 09.10.2009 19:12

miten titanic voi itkettää joka kerta näin paljon?
mä katoin sen äsken mun siskon ja sen kaverin kaa,
tääl oli aika hautajaistunnelma :D

Berlin!Keskiviikko 07.10.2009 21:13

Saksa, Berliini 27.12 <3
yepyep, sielhän on siis sillon just joulun jälkeiset alennukseettt ;)
ahh cant wait!

tango is not for three, never meant to bePerjantai 02.10.2009 21:19

It's not her fault that she's so irresistible
But all the damage she's caused isn't fixable
Every twenty seconds you repeat her name
But when it comes to me you don't care
If I'm alive or dead, so

I don't want to be the exception
To get a bit of your attention
I love you for free,
And i'm not your mother
But you don't even bother
I'm tired of this triangle
Got dizzy dancing tango
I'm falling apart in your hands again
No way
I've got to get away

Next to her cheap silicone I look minimal
That's why in front of your eyes I'm invisible
But you've got to know small things also count
Better put your feet on the ground
And see what it's about

just blame it on all the pain he gaveSunnuntai 13.09.2009 04:47

All these walls I've built
They were built to keep you out
And now I sit alone because I only box myself in
And now before I could dry my face
Before the broken heart could mend
I didn't wanna fall back down to hoping again