it's getting better in the worst way.

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kaikkii mesiiiii!!!! reakastan treitä!!!!!!z<3333333333

-Lauantai 23.10.2010 02:51

If a tree falls inside of a forest and nobody hears it
It wont affect anybody 'cause no one will miss it.
What would I care
If you were dying from the guilt of keeping a secret?
This isn't fair
'cause now I've gotta be the one dealing with it.
You should have lied,
Cause' your stupid mistake
Made my world crash down.
Now it's goodbye.
No you can't take it back
Once the truth has come out of your mouth.
So you tried to be honest,
But honesty blew it this time.
You should have lied.
I don't get it
Where was your conscience when
You were with her
Couldn't you hear it scream out?

Jag Gillar (: ♥Perjantai 22.10.2010 02:00

Not bad at all!

Silokalliol--->Perjantai 15.10.2010 20:22


-Perjantai 15.10.2010 01:51

The bed I'm lying in is getting colder,
Wish I never would've said it's over.
And I can't pretend...
I won't think about you when I'm older,
Cause we never really had our closure.
This can't be the end.
I told myself,
That I won't miss you.
But I remember,
What it feels like beside you.
I really miss your hair in my face,
And the way your innocence tastes.
And I think you should know this,
You deserve so much better than me.

.Torstai 14.10.2010 01:10

Your fingers on my skin.
Only you can hear my fear,
Only you can help me heal.
I see forever with you here.
If tomorrow never comes,
I want you to know right now, that I
I'm gonna love you until the day I die.
If tomorrow falls asleep,
Can you hold me first?
I'm gonna love you like,
it's the last night on earth.
There's no such thing as a beautiful goodbye.

I'm gonna make you love me ;)Torstai 14.10.2010 00:39

yes I will.

P.SKeskiviikko 13.10.2010 02:40

syön sut.

Oke tylsyyde huippu.Keskiviikko 13.10.2010 02:36

Meen nukkuu mo.