it's getting better in the worst way.

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BIG BANG is BACK!Sunnuntai 27.02.2011 21:43

A!P ♥Maanantai 14.02.2011 00:51

It was fuuunnn!
Welcome, welcome to the the new new world!

Let's get, let's get, let's get movin'
Let's get, let's get, let's get startin'
U, u, u, u ready?
Yeah, we just burnt it.

Pian starttaa juna Helsinkiin :)Perjantai 11.02.2011 15:07

-Perjantai 21.01.2011 00:28

As time passes by, memories of you still remain..
Still living within that trace,
Even if I hate it.
So I can believe I’m not alone.
Not alone now, not sad anymore.
And I can feel it, I’m not alone.
Definitely not alone, never be exhausted again.
Never again,
So I can believe I’m not alone.
Not alone now, able to return again.
Even if everything collapses, I’m not alone.
Just you alone is enough.
I'm Not Alone.

R.I.P Adam Couple ;;___;;Torstai 06.01.2011 20:09

Jo Kwon ♥ Ga-In
Forever in my heart.

P.S jos joku ei ole lukenut.

-Maanantai 03.01.2011 05:09

I wonder where you are and what you're doing,
If you're living well?
Even if it isn't me,
there are plenty of people that can make you happy,
but why am I this wounded?
My heart still wants you,
I'm still in your love.
My heart still loves you,
You're still on my mind.
My heard still wants you,
You're still in my heart.
I'm left alone and I'm crying like this.
I'm really regretting that I loved you,
why am I the only one being this wounded.
I'm regretting that I gave you everything I have,
you're hateful, you're hateful, don't leave me.
Damn it, you aren't getting erased.
Damn it, I keep thinking of you.
Damn it, my tears aren't drying.
Like a fool I keep thinking of you,
all day long.
Erase everything,
Forget everything,
bury you nicely inside my heart.
Forget you, forget it, erase you, erase it.

Uudet vuodet vaa :DLauantai 01.01.2011 16:43

huh huh, jaa et sellane uus vuas.
Jaa nii mitä tapahtu? :D

Whereee is evribadi?Torstai 30.12.2010 06:49

kukaaan ei oo koneeeeelllaaa :CCCC

Mutsiki herää pia töihi :DDDD

Kansainvälisyyden merekissä :)Perjantai 24.12.2010 03:57

메리 크리스마스
Merry X-mas
Hyvää Jouluu
God Jul
Joyeux Noël
С Рождеством
Buon Natale
Feliz Navidad
Häid jõule
Frohe Weihnachten