it's getting better in the worst way.

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Kiitti parhaast viikonlopust Noora [: ♥Sunnuntai 21.11.2010 22:38


For u my friends ♥Torstai 18.11.2010 00:05

This is where the chapter ends
And new one out begins.
Time has come for letting go.
The hardest part is when you know.
All of these years when we were here are ending.
But I'll always remember,
We have had the time of our lives
And now the page is turned.
The stories we will write.
We have had the time of our lives.
And I will not forget the faces left behind.
It's hard to walk away from the best of days.
But if it has to end,
I'm glad you have been my friend.
In the time of our lives.
We say goodbye,
we hold on tight,
To these memories that never die.

Huomenna helsinkii med Janette :))Torstai 11.11.2010 23:17

Tsukicon odottaa! :))))<3

hehe. just se.Perjantai 05.11.2010 17:43

-Torstai 04.11.2010 22:42

When will we see the end?
Of the days,
we bleed for what we need.
To forgive, forget, move on.
Cause we've got,

One life to live.
One love to give.
One chance to keep from falling.
One heart to break.
One soul to take us.
Not for sake us,
Only one.

Just you and I
Under one sky

-Torstai 04.11.2010 16:29

I'm not a stranger.
No, I am yours.
With crippled anger
And tears that still drip sore.

But I do not want to be afraid.
I do not want to die inside,
just to breathe in.
I'm tired of feeling so numb.
Relief exists,
I find it when,
I am cut.
kaikkii mesiiiii!!!! reakastan treitä!!!!!!z<3333333333

-Lauantai 23.10.2010 02:51

If a tree falls inside of a forest and nobody hears it
It wont affect anybody 'cause no one will miss it.
What would I care
If you were dying from the guilt of keeping a secret?
This isn't fair
'cause now I've gotta be the one dealing with it.
You should have lied,
Cause' your stupid mistake
Made my world crash down.
Now it's goodbye.
No you can't take it back
Once the truth has come out of your mouth.
So you tried to be honest,
But honesty blew it this time.
You should have lied.
I don't get it
Where was your conscience when
You were with her
Couldn't you hear it scream out?

Jag Gillar (: ♥Perjantai 22.10.2010 02:00

Not bad at all!