All is fair in love and war, so they tell me..

>>NOTHING STAYS THE SAMEMaanantai 28.02.2011 22:47

It doesn't feel right at all..

>>YOU DON'T KNOW ME AT ALLMaanantai 28.02.2011 19:24

Can't deny it, can't pretend
Just thought you were the one...

>>YOU DON'T OWE ME ANYTHINGMaanantai 28.02.2011 19:14

You were everything, everything that I wanted..
We were meant to be, supposed to be, but we lost it..
And all the memories, so close to me, just fade away..

>>WHAT THE HELLMaanantai 28.02.2011 19:07

Love hurts whether it's right or wrong..

>>WHY DON'T YOU JUST KISSKeskiviikko 23.02.2011 17:01

There's nothing I can do,
my heart is chained to you..

>>MY WORLDKeskiviikko 23.02.2011 16:50

I wanna leave and I wanna stay.
I’m so confused, so hard to choose..

>>CIGARETTES AND VALENTINESTorstai 17.02.2011 23:01

Let us paralyze this moment til it dies..

>>LIFE SUCKSTorstai 17.02.2011 22:53

There's a car crashing deep inside my heart..

>>BIRTHDAYS ARE THE BESTTorstai 17.02.2011 19:29

I was a young boy that had big plans,
Now I'm just another shitty old man..♥

>>I'M GONNA MISS ALL THE GOOD STUFFKeskiviikko 16.02.2011 21:28

I wonder if I ever cross your mind..
For me, it happens all the time..