All is fair in love and war, so they tell me..

>>JUST CHILLIN'Torstai 23.02.2012 15:07

täällä lellalla vaan hengaillaan ft. katsu, saga, mirelle ja lella

>>HAPPY B-DAY HONEYPerjantai 17.02.2012 12:01

happy birthday my lover!
what the hell 40 years allready, but you r still amazing!


>>WHEN I WOKE UP I WAS ALL ALONETiistai 14.02.2012 23:47

I ask you, friend, what's a fella to do,
'cause her hair was red and her eyes were grey..

>>I WANT YOU..Sunnuntai 12.02.2012 19:08

If I can't have you then I don't want anyone..
If I can't have you then all the damage has been done..
You can break these rules if you wanna have some fun..
Think of all the love that you will lose if I can't have you..

>>HAPPY B-DAYPerjantai 10.02.2012 00:39

happy b-day jimmy "the rev" sullivan,
and rest in peace.. ♥

>>FEARLauantai 07.01.2012 02:34

Kaikki sun pelkosi, talloo sun päällesi..
Hautaa sun toivon synkkiin uumeniin..

>>YOU JUST CAN'TLauantai 07.01.2012 02:21

You can't see the calm until the storm..
You can't tell your right side from your wrong side..
And you can't see the wave you're riding on..

>>LONELINESSTorstai 05.01.2012 02:40

God, only God knows I'm trying my best..
But I'm just so tired of this loneliness..

>>I STILL HATE YOUTorstai 05.01.2012 02:09

I've already wasted over half of my life I would've laid
down and died for you I no longer cry for you
No more pain bitch you took me for granted took my heart..


I've done my best to give you nothing less than perfectness
And I wont be coming back so don't hold your fucking breath
You know what you've done no need to go in depth
I told you, you'd be sorry if I fucking left

Now I'm special?
Oh, I didn't feel special when I was with you..

>>I STILL MISS YOU BABYKeskiviikko 14.12.2011 00:10

I could stay awake just to hear you breathing..
Watch you smile while you are sleeping..
While you're far away dreaming..


'Cause even when I dream of you,
the sweetest dream would never do..
I'd still miss you, baby..


I'm wondering what you're dreaming,
wondering if it's me you're seeing..

I just wanna hold you close
Feel your heart so close to mine
I just wanna be with you..